As part of the exhibition programme, Theatre Memories placed a call out for artists to submit proposals for the creation of an original “audio walk” that will be offered to the public as free downloadable content, to be enjoyed as part of the exhibition experience.

Theatre Memories is pleased to present Under the Boardwalk, by Jemima Yong.

What better place to lurk than a space of the imagination?

Jemima wants to believe in spirits. Ever since her grandfather died, she’s tried to be more attentive to her surroundings; more sensitive to the things that aren’t immediately visible. She wills and wills… When nothing happens, she goes looking for stories. Here are some that she has collected.

Free to download. Please enjoy!


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Jemima Yong’s work situates itself across the mediums of live performance, photography and installation. She is interested in the function of art as catalyst for social development. Collaboration with non-performers and fellow practitioners is central to her work, as is experimentation and time. She is based in Singapore and is currently performing and directing ROOM with a local company of interdisciplinary practitioners.

She runs National Art Service with writer director Alan Fielden, an award winning London based theatre collective that most recently produced SUN. She is an alumnus of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London) with an undergraduate degree in Theatre Practice: Performance Arts.


O Let Me Weep, For Ever Weep
Performed by English Chamber Orchestra
Written by Henry Purcell
Recorded in 2011

St. Louis Blues
Performed by Marion Harris
Written by W. C. Handy
Recorded with Columbia Records, 1920

Under the Boardwalk
Version performed by Lam Leng & The Quests
Written by Kenny Young & Arthur Resnick
Originally recorded by The Drifters
with Atlantic, 1964


A commission by Theatre Memories: 50 Years of Singapore, which is funded by the Singapore Memory Project’s irememberSG Fund, co-curated by Jennifer Lim and Annie Jael Kwan, and presented in conjunction with the Esplanade Presents The Studios: fifty.

Special thanks to Gurjeet Singh, James Yong and Mariel Chee


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