Remesh has had over 35 years of stage experience. He was the SRT’s (Singapore Repertory Theatre) first Associate Artistic Director.

He is, however, not a full-time actor. His “day job” is Executive Producer, Writer, Creative Consultant and Narrator in broadcast media – work he’s as passionate about as the theatre.

Remesh has earned 4 Life! Theatre Award nominations and won twice – for Best Actor (ART) and Best Supporting Actor (Proof).

His played the titular role in the Ho Tzu Nyen-Fran Borgia production of the King Lear Project –which premiered at the Brussels Kunsten Arts Festival 2008.

In 2014, he garnered critical acclaim for his playing of Shylock in UK director Bruce Guthrie’s recreation of The Merchant of Venice for SRT’s Shakespeare in the Park series.

Remesh’s work in film and television includes Ho Tzu Nyen’s lauded The Cloud of Unknowing, Blue River Pictures’ tele-movies, Common Space and The Learning Curve.


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