Ashley started his hairstyling career in 1986 and set up Ashley Salon in 1999 in order to further pursue his dedication towards the art of hair design.

Ashley started designing for theatre in 1987 and has since worked on almost 300 productions of local and international standards. Many of these productions were participants of festivals, some of which became nominees and/or winners of various art awards.

Ashley has gained a wide range and depth of experience working with all the leading professional theatre companies of Singapore. He has had the opportunity to create hair designs from diverse cultures and periods.

His skill is extensive, the result of more than two decades of hairdressing experience. He has the priviledge of being recognised by the local theatre community as a veteran in his artistry. Ashley is particularly thrilled to have participated in the Dim Sum Dollies® shows, Broadway Beng! Jiak Liu Lian (Dream Academy), Beauty & The Beast (W!LD RICE), Victor/Victoria (Zebra Crossing), The Monster Show (Universal Studios Singapore) and most recently, Monkey Goes West (W!LD RICE).


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