Practitioner’s Statement:

Working in the theatre industry is like romancing the other side of darkness. Theatre has its magic that draws and captivates you and like a big whirlpool, would suck you in.

I had not planned for a career in theatre but have been in the industry for almost twenty years. IN 1994, I began my journey as a project manager with Act 3 Theatrics, a children’s theatre company, after which I I moved on to stage management on theatre productions, eventually found my footing in technical theatre and have not looked back since.

I have been blessed with much fun, many challenging and rewarding theatrical experiences on local and foreign productions alike. I have lost count of how many productions I have worked on but savour every opportunity that came and look forward to more. A few memorable productions I have worked on, “Les Misérables“, “Sing to the Dawn”, “Miss Saigon”, “Turandot”, “Tosca”, “Whistle Down The Wind”, “Godspell”, and “Nanta”.

I have also founded, a website dedicated to promote Singapore theatre with focus in technical theatre.


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