Claire Wong is the co-founder and Joint Artistic Director of Checkpoint Theatre. Trained in both Asian and Western performing arts, Claire obtained her Master of Fine Arts (MFA, Theatre Arts) from Columbia University. Claire directs, acts and writes for the stage and camera.

Claire’s directing credits include Huzir Sulaiman’s The Weight of Silk on Skin and Occupation; Faith Ng’s Normal, For Better or for Worse, and wo(men); and The Way We Go by Joel Tan. She co-directed Marion D’Cruz’s Dream Country: a Lost Monologue, a dance-theatre production for the Singapore Arts Festival 2012.

As an actress, Claire recently appeared in Checkpoint Theatre’s 15th anniversary production of Atomic Jaya. Claire’s other memorable lead roles include her one-woman performances in Madame Mao’s MemoriesAtomic Jaya, and Occupation. Claire co-wrote and performed, with Noorlinah Mohamed, the play Recalling Mother which was published in This Is My Family: New Singapore Plays Volume 2.


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