Kok Heng Leun is the Artistic Director of Singaporean theatre company Drama Box, and a prominent figure in both the English and Chinese-language theatres in Singapore. Thus far, he has directed more than 80 plays, including Kuo Pao Kun’s “The Spirit Play”, Forum Theatre “Trick or Threat”, “Drift” (Singapore Arts Festival 2008 and Macao Arts Festival 2009) and “HERstory” (Singapore Arts Festival 2011).

Heng Leun believes in engaging the community in his works, to promote critical dialogues about the world we live in. He has ventured into multi-disciplinary applied and engaged arts projects such as “Project Mending Sky” which deals with environmental issues and “IPS Prism” which looks at issues of governance in Singapore.

In recent years, Heng Leun has been actively advocating cultural exchanges and dialogues among artists and cultural workers in the region and internationally. He has also taken up curatorial and dramaturgical roles in many projects.

He received the Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council of Singapore in 2000 and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Culture Award in 2003. In 2006, he was presented the Outstanding Young Person (Culture) award in recognition of his contribution to the local arts scene.


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