Jean Tay graduated in 1997 with a double-degree in creative writing and economics from Brown University, USA. For her fiction, she has won the Weston Prize for Fiction from Brown, as well as NAC’s Golden Point Short Story competition in 1995. Plays produced include “Water from the Well” (1998), “The Knot” (1999), “Plunge” (2000), “Everything but the Brain” (2005, 2007, 2013) , “Boom” (2008), “Sisters” (2013) and “Senang” (2014). Jean also wrote the books for the musicals “The Admiral’s Odyssey” (2005), and “Man of Letters” (2006). Her plays have been performed in Singapore, US, UK, and Italy. She was nominated three times for Best Original Script for the Life! Theatre Awards, and won for “Everything But the Brain”. Her play “Everything but the Brain” is currently used as an ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level literature text for secondary schools.


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