Once more unto the breach!

2015 has rolled around, and we have all rolled into Singapore with it.

Nelson ChiaPost-production has begun for the first batch of interviews, and we’ve now kicked off the second round of interviews. Once again we’re traipsing across Singapore – seriously, we’re all over the place because of this project – interviewer and camera operator (and camera bag large enough to warrant a mention).

In this round we’re meeting even more lovely people, and learning so much from their recollections and experiences. We’ve met Kuo Jian Hong from The Theatre Practice, Gaurav Kripalani from the Singapore Repertory Theatre, theatre practitioner Khoo Ee Hoon and actress (and former NMP) Janice Koh so far, with many more to come.

Kuo Jian Hong and Annie

With every interview gathered our collection of oral histories – and also our exhibition – begins to take shape. We can’t wait to share it with you all!

Until then, we leave you with advice from The Necessary Stage:

The Necessary Stage


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