Past to present, LHR – SIN.

We were just entering into spring this year, when I met Jen at the British Library, behind the large central bookcase. Even as she told me about her idea for a project about theatre memories, I was cast back in my own mind, to a childhood of various bits of school theatre – large scale productions of Noah’s Ark with songs, dance, animals going two by two and all.

Over the next weeks, as we developed the concept and scope of the project, we had a lot of fun, and many memories were often triggered. Most vivid in my mind, was when I was fourteen, and my classmates and I took it in our heads to adapt Julius Caesar as a musical. I guess it seemed incongruous even thinking about it now, a 40-head class of little Asian girls prancing about singing the iambic pentameter, but certainly I remember we were passionate about the play, and Marc Anthony’s famous speech.


Two years later, I signed up for the new Theatre Studies A Level course at Victoria Junior College. Our experience at Victoria Junior College was incredibly formative, and even after we graduated, we continued putting on plays.


Soon after, I left for London. Seems like yesterday!

So this project sounds like a wonderful way to learn about everything that has been happening in Singapore theatre since, and a way to reconnect with my roots and being Singaporean.

LHR – SIN wards, it is.


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