The journey begins: Theatre Memories – 50 Years of Singapore Theatre…..

Hello! My name is Jennifer Lim, I’m an actress and filmmaker based in London.


At the tender age of five, my beloved grandmother introduced me to Theatre


and Films


which led to me studying Theatre Studies & Drama at A Levels,

masks.index                                         couple masks.images

and going on to become a thespian much to the chagrin of my parents.

chagrin mask.images

I’ve done much of my thesping in the UK, Europe & the USA

NT      prague      ART

In the time that I was away, the theatre scene in Singapore has blossomed like a vibrant flower,


or even a ripened fruit…….


I felt it was time for me to explore pastures back home.

You can take a girl out of Singapore but you can’t take Singapore out of the girl

index  assam laksa.images chuehkweh.images nasilemak Oyster.images stingray.images

Thus when I found out about


I wanted to do something for and about theatre in Singapore

iVM.mages         drama centre.index

to remember, celebrate, nurture, develop and in the words of a renowned theatre practitioner:


Through Theatre, as a society we uncover the past, and open up many new possible futures’ – Huzir Sulaiman

When I shared my vision with fellow Singaporean, Annie Kwan


She liked it so much she asked to come on board


Thus Theatre Memories: 50 Years of Singapore Theatre came into being!

Until next time time…….

it's comingsoonimages

More exciting news to follow on next blog post re the 50 interviewees and partners…….


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